Hello Russ,
We are so excited to have Roscoe, he has been the best dog. He has only had one accident and I think it was our fault, we were busy giving the kids a bath and I guess he just could not wait any longer. We gave him a bath and blow dried his hair and he loved it, he acted like he was "royalty". He loves to play with the kids and he has been so gentle around them! especially our one year old, he seems to know what "easy" means which is great!

We actually got to stay home with him on Tuesday and Wednesday this week and found that he loves to play with his ball and lay around all day. He kept going back and forth from our bed to our recliners just "hanging out". We have never for a second regretted the decision of taking him in and he seems to be the perfect dog for our family. Yes, my son does keep him very active and they seem to love to play with each other!!

I forgot to mention where he sleeps, we are thinking about letting him sleep on the end of our bed, he loves to lay there at night when we watch TV. He gives us the "look" when we go to put him in the cage for the night, it just breaks our heart! He stays in our kitchen during the day with plenty of "roaming room", we have a gate up so he has the whole room to roam to himself! He has not really been eating on a schedule, which we tried, but we actually started just leaving his food out all day and he seems to eat when he gets hungry. He loves to get a treat when he goes outside and comes back in, he goes straight to the treat bin when he comes in the door and gives us the "look". He truly is a great dog and we have definitely fallen in love with him already!!

Great to hear from you and Roscoe is doing great! We love him just as much as one of our kids and he has turned out to be a great family dog for us! Thank you for giving us the opportunity to have him in our family!


The Arbaugh Family