Rocky Adopted 1

I am running interference for Thelma as it is my fault you don't have photos of Rocky yet.

Rocky Adopted 2

I keep trying to get him running with the big dogs (he thinks he is one) and I never succeed. I will get some soon I promise.

Rocky Adopted 3

He is spoiled rotten. Sleeps under the covers between us every night and gets carried everywhere.

Rocky Adopted 4

He is a very happy little guy with a big appetite!

Rocky Adopted 5

If we let him he could get fat in a hurry but we watch his weight carefully.

Rocky Adopted 6

He is Tag's favorite so I have to thank you for bringing them together.

Rocky Adopted 7

** Update 8/2/09 **
I love what you did with the pictures I sent you on the site. Here is one more showing Sloopy's maternal side.

Rocky Adopted 8