Reece1213 Adopted 1

Reese has had her big day!
Reese has been adopted by Laura Miller of Northridge. Reese is now the big sister of Penny who Laura adopted from PPR in April.
Laura said that Reese is already teaching Penny to go outside to potty!

** Updates 8/19/12**
Here's two pictures of Reece that were posted on our PPR Facebook page!

Reece1213 Adopted 3

Penny and Reece with their new 49er banners :)

Reece1213 Adopted 4

Here are Penny Poo and Reece Cup ~ They are both happy! :)

** Updates 1/4/13**

Reece1213 Adopted 2

We call her Reece Cup - she's learning how to play and loves it!   :)