Ramsey Adopted 1

Ramsey was adopted last sunday and now lives in New Albany, Oh with his furbrother Griffin a Havanese. His new owner is thrilled with Ramsey, who's new name is now Grayson.
** Update 07/27/10 **
"Ramsey" is doing fantastic!!! His new name is Grayson, (b/c a friend of mine already has a shih tzu named Ramsey) He and his new brother Griffin have been getting along great, and have been best friends pretty much from the start! They are wrestling around constantly! They love each other, and he has been pretty easy to work with as well. The first night he cried a little bit when I put him to bed, but as soon as I put a blanket over the cage, he was a silent angel! He went and got a haircut yesterday... .and they said he's the best puppy that they've ever cut. He just laid there calmly on the table and let them work on him! Thanks again for taking care of my new baby until I found him! I will send pics as soon as I can find my camera! I've been able to take some on my phone, but they're blurry! Hopefully I'll be able to take some tonight with Griffin and myself as well! Thanks again, Genna