Tanner (formerly Puddin)

Puddin Adopted 1

Hi All,
Michael & I traveled to Cincinnati yesterday to meet the Power family. They are a wonderful family who fell in love with Tanner on-line. They lost their family dog this past summer and were looking for a furkid to fill the void.
When we got there, Tanner was passed from family member to family member. His feet never hit the floor! He was a member of their family as soon as we walked in the door.

Puddin Adopted 2

You can see from the attached pictures that he will be loved forever.
Denise, the mom, is very sweet and Caleb & Laurel are some of the nicest young people I have ever met.

Puddin Adopted 3

We feel very good about this adoption. We already got an email saying that Tanner, which will be his forever name, was learning to walk up and down the steps and had his first encounter with the family cat (the cat hid the whole time we were there).
Dianne - Foster Mom

Puddin Adopted 4

Check back for updates!!