Pixie - now Papik!!

Pixie Adopted 1

Pixie has found her new furever home and family with Jean & Anne Steichen of Cincinnati, Ohio. Pixie has a fursister Tiger(chocolate min pin), and two fur cats Ludwig and Pablo to share her new life with. It was such a pleasure to meet Jean and Anne, they both are wonderful people and BIG animal lovers. I have no doubt that Pixie will be one spoiled and very pampered little girl.
Pixie was a pleasure to foster and she will be very missed here at the Barlow house.. especially by Bert!

Pixie Adopted 2

** Update 03/29/10 **
A full week has gone by so fast! Pixie is the sweetest, funniest and delightful puppy we definitely were looking for! She and Tiger have been spotted snuggling due to Pixie's insistence and Tiger is adjusting better and better. It feels like Pixie adjusted right off the bat! The cats sometimes feel a need to deliver 2 rights and a left and then be on their way. Pixie just keeps trying to play with them without blinking and hasn't a clue that her playfulness should be hampered in any way (according to them!) We have really enjoyed her.
I have to tell you she's kind of spoiled. Well, she was sleeping with us for the most part, but without having being 100% pee pad trained. So, now that she and Tiger are friendly she isn't taking it so hard that her bedtime is confined to the kitchen. She goes right down and knows when the light goes out she can curl up in her bed (or Tiger's!) for the night. I really thought it was going to be a lot longer and harder (for me!) to make a bedtime space definite. Anyway, we put a pee pad down in whatever room we bring her and Tiger and she is using it for both: pee and poo!!!!! Yeahhhhhh Pixie!! She has been my little shadow and still is, but now she jumps on Jean's lap and falls asleep in a minute! She loves him! We walk her, or someone in the household does, every 2 hours. She loves the outdoors. Jean even takes her in the car with him places! :)
We gave her a bath today and it went real well. We are ordering those new intellectual toys for she and Tiger both. The ones designed for dogs to figure out how to get the food out of them. Jean heard someone on public radio talk about them and so he spent a couple of hours researching them. Supposedly, dogs can run around for hours without being fatigued. With these toys, it takes about an hour for them to work at getting pieces of food out of them and they become so mentally fatigued that they nap. I wish I could remember the name. I will email you later with it. They are supposed to be really good for high energy doggies and intellectually stimulating. We were fascinated watching the videos on the web!! I'm sure you've probably heard of them.
I haven't had a chance to get her to my vet yet. I was bombarded with my own doctor appts. this past week: a crown came loose, one doc sent me to another and the week got away. I will make all those necessary calls this week. Her appetite is good and she really appears to be thriving. She is so affectionate and obedient! We are so surprised that she will sit just like that! ... and boy, can she jump really high! God love her! What a little sweetheart.
Hope you are doing well and thank you so much for everything!
Best regards,
Anne :)

** Update 04/12/12**
Hi Tami,
Papik (Pixie) is thriving!!! She is the smartest, most active and happy little girl ever! She has many, many favorite toys she will toss in the air to get us to play "fetch" with her. Her energy is endless. My husband named her after our deceased son - a nickname Eric had when he was born. She ADORES my husband. She is by his side every waking minute. And he adores her! She loves her sister (Tiger) and they snuggle every nite. She is a ferocious watchdog! She loves to run and play outdoors. She greets me every morning with an excitement that makes my heart so happy 1st thing in the morning. She has won everyone over - friends, family and neighbors. What a little bundle of joy! I could go on - very easy to do and Doc (husband) is always bragging about her and the latest trick she has learned - so smart!
She plays with Pablo the cat for 30 min. at a time and we have recorded it - want to put it on YouTube - funniest thing to watch. They outsmart each other and romp around like 2 puppies.
We were thinking of you just a few days ago and I can only imagine how hard your handing over these little ones must be. My friend does the same thing you do and I don't know how you guys do it - except that it's impossible to keep them all and so many families are the better for it!
Anytime you would like to visit please - you are so welcome!
Best regards, Anne

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