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Pictured here is my little Petal with her new family. Aaron & Robin Fox & Elijah (their son). They are from Leipsic, Ohio (up North). Robin had been down once to meet the pups and fell in love with my Petal. Petal will have a chi brother named Mojo when she gets back home.
** Updates 01/08/11 **
Linda & Russ,
Well, we made it through our first night and she was only up once in the middle of the night to my delight. She really has taken to her new "daddy". I got up this morning and she was sitting in his lap while he was playing on the computer. She is still not too sure about the old man, Mojo. One minute, he is blocking Jake so he can't get close to her and the next he is grumbling "leave me sleep" - Haha. I think he is just the grumbly old grandpa that protects and loves the babies, but doesn't want bothered by them. We are infatuated already. Thank you for her, Robin Fox
** Updates 02/24/11 **
Hi Linda, just dropping a note to tell you about How well little Petal is doing.

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I had her at the Vet yesterday for her Rabies shot. She is up to 2.4 lbs and ornery as can be. We took on an extra pup - the previous owners were going to take her to the pound.... She is a white Chihuahua, about 4 1/2 months old. So now our little family is more than complete. They didn't even have a name for her so we named her Nilla. Her and Petal are awesome friends/sisters. They race through the house chasing one another. They are so cute together, never a dull moment. Petal will lay in her doggy bed and Nilla will pull/drag her around the house but, of course, when I try to get a pic or movie they stop, Stinkers. I had surgery 2/16 so Miss Petal is really being attached to momma being here all day every day.

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Will send pictures as soon as she holds still long enough that I can get some - Haha. Talk to you soon. Sincerely, Robin Fox

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