Peppy Adopted 1

Peppy is sleeping at my feet right now. She has slept on the bed with me the past two nights, but I have to lift her up. I figured out why I couldn't find her when I went looking and then suddenly she was there. She had been sleeping at my feet under the desk, and when I didn't see or hear her and went to look for her, she get up and follow me so that when I turned around -- there she was! So little, so quiet, so blended in with the carpet!! Can't take a step without looking first at my feet.
You must have had a good chuckle when I wrote that WE were going to the Pet Smart yesterday to buy some things I needed. We did get in the car. In fact she seemed happy and excited to get in. (Perhaps she thought I was taking her "home.") I was giving her treats and saying good girl. She was more anxious as I turned the car on and we sat for a couple of minutes like that. You know how she was as soon as we started moving. So I drove slowly up past the apt. office and turned around and came back -- enough stress. To de-stress, we took a walk up to the office so the managers could meet Peppy. She went belly-up for the maintenance man. Lacking other social graces, she sniffed the doggie treat they tried to give her and walked away. She's definitely picky.

Peppy Adopted 2

Actually, I'm surprised by her eating habits. When my other dogs got to be her age, they would eat anything at anytime... not an especially good thing. She will leave food in her bowl -- something I'm not used to at all... but a very good thing. Of course she wants to see what I'm having but isn't particularly interested in what isn't meat, so far. Yesterday she ate all the Rachel Ray food that was in her bowl first (chicken and veggies) and left the 3 nuggets of the food you brought. Then later in the day she went back to hide each nugget in a corner and eat it in pieces there. So funny.
She doesn't seem to know just exactly how to play. She likes the two squeak toys I had bought and will run after them when I throw them and stand there and bite at them or step on them to make the sound. But she won't pick them up and bring them to me. I have to go get them each time to throw them again. They are large enough that she can't choke on them but small enough for her to bite and pick up whenever she gets the idea of how to do it, I guess. I tried showing her by putting one of them in my mouth, but that didn't help... yet.
I think that you can tell I am thoroughly enjoying our Peppy. I think, too, that she is perfect for apt. living with an older person. I can still get on the floor and play with her, but I'm not going to be running her around the neighborhood.
Thank you all for seeing that we'd be a good match.
Sincerely, Sue Atchley

Peppy Adopted 3

** Update 03/19/09 **
Hi Tami,
We had a breakthrough this morning. While we were playing yesterday, Peppy started bringing the toy back closer to me to throw again after she chased it. But just a while ago during our play, she went over to the basket where I had put some things before you came, picked up the small stuffed figure and started shaking it in her mouth and growling. She played with it a couple of minutes, rolling on the floor and growling as she shook it. I take that as meaning she is feeling more comfortable with this being her home.
The retractable leash I ordered came late yesterday. Now I can let her smell around farther from me in the back yard.
I had to leave her for 3 hours yesterday morning to go to the hospital for pre-surgery tests. I was able to figure a way to block kitchen doorways so she could stay in there... with the stove light on, curtain open, and TV on. As far as I could see, she did fine. However, the cage I ordered will be more convenient than having to move pieces of furniture. I'll let you know how that goes and how traveling works once we have the carrier.
Right now she's sleeping under the desk at my feet. As soon as I get up to work in the kitchen, she'll be at my feet there, too!
I love this cute thing!!