Pepper - now Max!

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Pepper was adopted by the Tavares family in Dayton. His new name is Max!

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** Updates 07/28/11 **
Hi Janice,
I'm writing to give you guys an update about Max. Max has fit right into our family, he's doing sooooo much better than before. We are so happy to have him as a part of our family. He no longer needs that special bowl that prevents him from eating all his food in 2 seconds and throwing it up all over the place - he now eats out of a regular bowl and paces himself. He no longer nips at my son Alex, but rather plays with him, chasing him around the house and licking him and playing tug of war with his toys. They're like brothers and my son loves Max - he is much more gentler with him and "plays nice". We just had him groomed last week for the 2nd time, he is also doing better with that - the first time we took him he bit the groomer, :( but this time he did very well and didn't bite. We took him to the vet last month for a check up and he's as healthy as can be. Max and I have a special bond - he never leaves my side, even when I get home in the AM from working all night, he lays next to me and doesn't get up until I get up (even though he slept all night). My husband also loves Max and lets him sleep with him in bed now too!! I'm sorry this email is long overdue. Thank you so much Janice for helping us get through the first month with Max, we love him and Max is much happier now, I can tell he is a much more open and trusting dog compared to when we first got him. I will send you pics of him with his haircut and a few other new pics when I get home in the morning. Thanks again for everything!!

** Updates 08/12/11 **
Hi Janice,
Here are a few pictures of Max - sorry I took so long, I am the queen procrastinator!! I will keep you guys updated on Max. Thanks again!!

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