Pepper Adopted 1

Just wanted to let you know that we made it home ok and Pepper seems to love his new home, my daughter in law gave him a bath. Pepper jumped into the tub and stood perfectly still for her. After a towel dry i turned on the blow dryer and he did not mind at all. We played for about 10 minutes where he got to growl and chew on my arm just to let me know that he was happy.
I can't thank you enough for bringing so much joy back into my life. We will keep you updated on his growth and well being. For now we want to wish you, your family and all that help you at Puppy Pal Rescue a very Merry Christmas and prosperous New year.
Thank you, Sandy & Dusty
Some comments from Dusty, the human papa on 2/20/10.

Pepper Adopted 2

We are working with Pepper and he's learning. He knows he has to sit in the corner as punishment for leaving the yard or been a bad boy.

Pepper Adopted 3

Pepper is very intelligent and I sure do love him already. Thanks once again.

Pepper Adopted 4

The orange coat he is wearing, I made myself. Not bad for a truck driver huh.

Pepper Adopted 5

** Updates 12/5/15**
A few recent pictures of Pepper. The other Schnauzer is Heidi Jo, which was my wife's dog, and the Great Dane is Chopper. He was Pepper's best friend. They would play together for hours.

Pepper Adopted 6

Pepper Adopted 7

Pepper Adopted 8

Pepper Adopted 9

Pepper Adopted 10

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