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Penny has been adopted! Penny was adopted on April 20th by Laura and Paul of Dayton, OH. Penny has a great new backyard with a chain linked fence so she can see all her neighbors and their doggies... she has already made friends with a few of them! She is quickly becoming the most popular pup on the block. Laura's friends just love her and say that Penny could not have found a more loving Forever Momma than Laura... I truly believe that as well and I am so grateful for Laura to have opened her heart and home to Penny.
I called to check in on them and so far, so good. Laura is extremely excited to have Penny and said she is doing really well! She will be scheduling an appointment with her vet this coming week as she is due a booster and will need follow up on her cough - another round of antibiotics I suppose. I am so happy for Penny!

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** Updates 04/22/12**
Hi! Penny's doing great!! She got some new toys and sweaters today. :) All the neighbors think she's cuter than all get out! She loves both of us. We couldn't be happier! :)

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