Penny1133 Adopted 1

Pictured here is Sandra Caron of Morrow, Ohio who called us with some very sad news that her Daisy, adopted in June '10, had passed away. We both cried on the phone. Daisy had been adopted with some medical issues - but, it was later discovered that she had a Liver Shunt at age of 8.
Sandra is a very spirtual person and we both talked that Daisy will help us find her a new companion if it was meant to be. Well - within 2 or 3 days we called her and told her to come up ASAP and visit us - we had a new angel that we thought would be just perfect for her.

Penny1133 Adopted 2

We received a call from local shelter that they had a yorkie - what's the chances of finding a tiny female yorkie 1-1/2 yrs. old in a shelter. Not likely - so Daisy had a lot to do with it - IMO.
We hadn't even named her yet - when Sandra arrived it was love at first sight. We all sat around and talked about Daisy and Sandra was undecided as to which name she had picked out - either Dolly or Penny. We all thought Penny was the perfect name .... because she has a copper coloring. I thank Sandra for giving Daisy a loving home. More importantly, coming back to Puppy Pals to adopt again.
So, pictured here is Sandra and her new angel sent from Heaven via Daisy to keep her Momma happy until they all meet at the Bridge someday.