Meeko (formerly Peeko)

Hi Linda,
Peeko had a great night. He slept right next to me in his crate and got up ready to play this morning. He only had one accident last night and this morning. I need to get him outside a lot more frequently than our little Gracie!!
We will be going to the Vet this morning to get checked out, but all in all we are having a great start so far. He hasn't left my side much at all this morning yet. He is very sweet and cuddly. We are going to try a walk in a little bit and hopefully him and Gracie will bond very soon as brother and sister.
Thanks so much for all you guys do. I think it's a great service that you do for these sweet puppies, who might not have a chance otherwise.
I will keep you posted on Peeko's progress,

Hello Linda!!
I just wanted to update you on Meeko's progress.
First of all, Gracie and he have become best friends. They can not wait until each other gets up in the morning so that they can play. This has been a great adoption for both of them.

Secondly Meeko could not have been a better addition to our family. He is loving, playful, huggable, and an all around great dog. He has gained some weight and is ALWAYS looking for more food :) I take him to the groomer for the first time on Monday. So, we'll see how that goes, but I do get to stay in the room with him to help alleviate any anxiousness.

He is still a little skittish around sharp noises and some adults (Noah for some odd reason) but all in all I think he's adapted well in just a few weeks. I told Noah he has to keep treats in his pocket, that'll win him over for sure.

Anyway, I just wanted to let you know how things were going and once again tell you how much we appreciate your group and their efforts to find good homes for all these dogs.
Have a great week.