Peanut1095 Adopted 1

I announce with great pleasure that Miss Peanut is adopted! Her new mom is already thrilled and planning to spoil her rotten. Having met her other dog and talked at some length with her vet, groomer, and dog sitter, I can say with confidence that little Miss Peanut has landed in gold!
Here is Miss Peanut with her new mom. I can’t say how thrilled I am that she and Katja found each other!

Peanut1095 Adopted 2

** Updates 07/09/13**
Got a phone call from Katja this morning. Miss Peanut is doing very well and seems happy in her furever home. She loves to frolic in the back yard, loves her kennel in the house (door is always open), can be held and petted and, while still easily startled, does not shake and cower like she used to. More updates are promised, but I know you all loved her as I did and would want to know.
Sounds like it is a good match.

** Updates 07/10/13**
Hi, I just adopted Peanut on the 4th of July... she is doing GREAT!! :) I heard about those "thunder shirts" and so I got her one and put it on her today. You would not believe the difference in that girl... she was a totally different dog... a lot calmer and not so skiddish!! I recommend them for you all to use for your fearful dogs, they feel much more secure!!