Peaches1325 Adopted 1

Dear Russ, Mary and Victoria,
Thank you for letting us adopt Peaches. It was love at first sight for us. Peaches has the most loving heart. She is so gentle with our 16 year old Yorkie, Happy. They truly enjoy each others company. On the flip side however, she is still trying to win over our two cats. We know though, it's just a matter of time before they love her too!

Peaches1325 Adopted 2

Peaches now romps and plays with her favorite balls in our back yard. She chases the butterflies in the garden. She takes daily walks with us and loves to ride in her new car seat beside Happy. She is a good will ambassador where ever she goes.

Peaches1325 Adopted 3

Peaches has brought so much joy to our home. Denny and I are blessed to have this dear little soul in our lives.

Peaches1325 Adopted 4

With our sincere gratitude to everyone at Puppy Pals Rescue, Susan and Denny Murphy

Peaches1325 Adopted 5