Lucy (formerly Paris)

Lucy Adopted 1

Hi Janice,
Well it's almost a week since Paris came into our life. We thought that, since she has a Cuban heritage, we'll change her name... I looked up Cuban baby names and found Lucia (loo SEE ah), meaning Light, and shortened it to Lucy.
She is adjusting really good. The first 2 nights she kept crying (in her kennel in the Family room where Sweet Pea is (in her Kennel) and Benny (our cat), so... day 1, after about 15 minutes, I went and slept right next to her and she went right to sleep. Day 2, I tried for about an hour... and then I went and slept right next to her and she went right to sleep. Day 3, I decided I'd have to wait her out... she cried 10 minutes, stopped about 20 - 25 minutes and then started again... all night long. She had to be tired!!! That day I played with her... walked with her... went outside... what ever I could think of to keep her up until it was time to go to bed. Day 4 she started crying for about 5 minutes and I never heard her until I got her in the morning. She's been fine ever since.
She follows me or Sweet Pea around everywhere... today was the first time that the two of them really played together... right now they're both sleeping in the office close to me.
Well, I've got to go... their gramma wants to meet her new baby (Lucy), so I'm taking them up to Bloomington for 2 days... I know she'll be spoiled!!!!
Here's a picture that was taken last night when Steve and I were watching a movie (Apollo 13)... I told Steve to go and take this picture because it shows the first time that all 3 are going to be just fine together.
Thanks for everything... I'll keep you posted and more pictures...

Lucy Adopted 2

Hi Janice,
I can't believe that it's been over 2 months since Lucy has come into our lives. She's doing great!!! She's become a momma's girl. She's on my lap right now. If Sweet Pea starts making some noise, then Lucy wants to know what's going on, but otherwise, she stays pretty close to me. I think eventually that will change, but right now she wants to know that I'm going to be around.
Next week is her first obedience training. The woman is the one I used for Sweet Pea when she was going to be tested for Therapy dog. I emailed her about Lucy to see which class we should go to (she's doing well with other people now, but when I need to discipline her she is very scared that I might do something to her... so I think the class will help).

Lucy Adopted 3

Last weekend I took Lucy and Sweet Pea to Walgreen's to get their pictures taken... so I thought I'd send a couple to you so you could see how beautiful she is now!!!!!
**Update 2/24/10**
It's been a long time since I've updated you about Lucy (Paris)!! Last spring we moved to the Indiana side of Louisville (New Albany). We have a nice home...very close to my sister (Sweet Pea and Lucy love her and go crazy when she comes over!!!) I stopped her training 2 months when we got was too early I think. About a month ago we started another training with both Sweet Pea and Lucy. They're doing well.....Lucy is very stubborn, but very smart!!!!

Paris Update 1

Sweet Pea & Lucy in the Living Room.

Paris Update 2

Pea & Lucy in the Sun Room.

Paris Update 3

Lucy's very favorite place to sleep.

Paris Update 4

Lucy's not afraid of Benny (the cat) anymore.