Paige - now Lulu!

Paige1082 Adopted 1

Pictured here is Paige's new family - two of the sweetest people you would want to meet. They are Lindsey & Brandon Frimming of Cincinnati, Ohio. Paige will have a (chi) sister named Pixie when she gets home.
Brandon loves to take pictures and promises that I'll get sick of receiving them (I don't think so)...
Miss you - little Paige! Linda

** Updates 01/11/11 **
Hello Linda! We just wanted to let you know how well Paige has been adjusting at her new home! She's so brave and determined - you really weren't kidding!!! Her and Pixie are playing together more and more every day, and the only time she cries is when we have to leave her. :(
She's been eating great, and seems to prefer her food moistened and warmed just a tiny bit [yes, we spoil her!]. We have an appointment for her at our vet set for the 20th of this month to get any necessary shots and procedures. Brandon's going to speak with Jack then about getting her spayed and when they will do it for us. I never could have imagined all the love and joy Lulu has brought to our home - every day is a new adventure with our family of 4. :)

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I also wanted to let you know we've been calling Paige 'Lulu'. It's a name that's kind of stuck, and she doesn't seem to mind it. :) I hope that's ok!!!
<3 Lindsey, Lulu + Pixie

** Updates 01/24/11 **
Hello Linda! Lulu had her first appointment with Mr. Shepherd this morning [Thursday was rescheduled due to the bad weather]. He said she looks great, and is now almost 2lbs! She had her routine shots, and discussed getting her spayed in early April due to her size.

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Every day is a new adventure with our new furbaby!  Lulu's sense of adventure and fearless approach to new things keep us laughing [and on our toes!!] :) She also likes to lay in front of draped blankets - as if to tell us she's ready for her closeup - and those beautiful blue eyes of hers have stolen everyone's heart!
Pixie loves her new sister - now that she's figured out she always has a willing playmate and snuggle buddy - and Lulu is loving it just as much if not more :)

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We can't thank you enough for choosing us to be Lu's forever family. It's hard to even describe the love and happiness we all share! Last night, we read about Mia and the other pups on the website and were super happy to see their new loving families!
We continue to let others known about Puppy Pals. You guys are so great :) Hope all is well with you, yours and the furbabies! Brandon, Lindsey, Pixie + Lulu

** Updates 07/12/11 **
Greetings Linda + Russ!

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I hope you two have been having a wonderful summer so far :) I realized I hadn't updated you on Lulu in a while, and wanted to drop you a line. She is still the love of our lives, and ornery as can be! She and Pixie love to play, cuddle and sit in the sunshine - as you can see in the pictures I'm sending along.

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At 6lbs, Lulu is doing her darndest to take after her daddy [Rascal has gotta be the father] - but we're diligently working to cut back on the chub. The vet says 5lbs is her ideal weight, and she's been enjoying extra exercise [boy, does she have TONS of energy!].

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Our family feels so complete... we have so much fun together, and the pups love to play with my brother's two chihuahuas [Guillermo is the black chi next to Lulu in one of the photos], as well as our other family dogs.

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We'll talk soon, and send more pictures!!! Brandon, Lindsey, Pixie + Lulu <3