Pablo - now Joey!

Pablo Adopted 1

Pictured here is Pablo with his forever home - the Burns family and fursister Heidi. Pablo now lives in Laura, Ohio. According to updates, all are doing wonderfully.

Pablo Adopted 2

We miss him so much here. All my sweet pups are now gone -- and foster mom has empty nest again! Linda and Russ

** Updates 05/11/11 **
As you may have gathered we immediately changed his name to Joey as we kept him in our coat pockets this winter and had visited Australia last year and seen the Kangaroo, Wallaby and Koala Bear Joeys at the zoos and animal parks. He now weighs in at a healthy 3lbs 4oz and is nearly housebroken except for a few accidents. If he is awake he is on the go and constantly torments the 5 year Chi causing her to be on her toes and has caused her to lose some weight. He is part of the family and travels with us as do all the dogs and he has earned a spot in the bed along with Heidi (5 yr old Chi). The Doberman (Chloe) and him get along really well and are best buds. He visits the Nursing Home on a regular basis and has become quite the lovable and friendly pup. Thank you.
Best Regards, Pat Burns

** Updates 06/8/11 **
Ruth sent me a picture of Joey sleeping in Heidi’s bed this morning and it rattled my brain. I have attached the picture and will send more soon. He remains full of energy wanting to play and getting into anything that isn’t tied down or put up and is constantly on the go except when sleeping. He gives the 6 year old, 5 lb. Chi, Heidi, fits and thankfully he can’t jump up in a chair yet as that is her only saving grace. They play all day long and she remains trim because of the activity. I have also included a picture of Chloe, our 11 year old red Doberman that love each other and also play together. Joey is very loving and will shares kisses with anyone that shows him affection. We have never seen a dog with so much energy, especially for a Chi, perhaps it was from the environment at your place with all the dogs. Thanks for what you do for God’s animals.
Best Regards, Pat Burns

Pablo Adopted 3

Pablo Adopted 4