Oscar1113 Adopted 1

I just wanted to say thanks again and let you know how things are going with Oscar!  We were best buddies all weekend, playing, taking walks around the park, and sleeping on the couch together.  I took him to my parents house on Friday to meet the family, including my niece and nephew, my brother and sister in law, my parents and their dogs.  He walked in and immediately he was excited and comfortable.   He said hi to everyone and played with all the dogs.  By the time we left, they were all worn out.   I took him over again yesterday and he played with my parents dog, Penelope, for about 3 hours straight!  Needless to say he was worn out last night.

Oscar1113 Adopted 2

His cough is getting better.  He only did it a handful of times yesterday, so hopefully he’s getting over it.

Oscar1113 Adopted 3

I’ve attached some pictures of Oscar with me and the family.  Everything is going great!  Thanks again for everything!!! Andy

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Oscar1113 Adopted 5

Oscar1113 Adopted 6

Oscar1113 Adopted 7

** Updates 12/02/12**
Here is a picture of two of our past foster dogs - Oscar (dachshund) and Kanga ( brussels griffon, now Sammy) with their fursister. Their owners have fallen in love and they are getting married! Soon they will be one big happy family!

OscarKanga Adopted 1