Oscar Adopted 1

Hi Janice,
Oscar is gradually settling in, being in a new home takes some adjustment. I was a little concerned that he is too playful for Jemma, with her limited vision, when he tries to get her to play it startles her. But they are getting to know each other and Oscar is learning that she doesn't want to play.

Oscar Adopted 2

Some of the neighbor boys stopped over today to visit him, and he was a very happy dog. Now he looks for them when we go outside. He loves the toy that you gave him, I have some others here, but that is his favorite. Thank you for sending it along with him.

Oscar Adopted 3

Hi Janice,
Oscar survived the first family gathering, with lots of attention. :) here are some pictures.

Oscar Adopted 4

Oscar in the arms of his new mom

Oscar Adopted 5

Oscar with his new fursister, Jemma, and his human nephew. The kids were careful about sharing attention

Oscar Adopted 6

Oscar taking it all in

Oscar Adopted 7

This is Oscar's new grandma sharing some lap time

Oscar Update 1

Jean sent us some photo's of Oscar after his first grooming... what a looker!!!

Oscar Update 2

Oscar Update 3

** Update 7/27/09 **

Oscar Update 4

Oscar recently got his summer buzz, and they put a bow in his hair! You'll see on the next photo that he's not too crazy about it. The groomer says "now he's a hottie" Funny!

Oscar Update 5

He loves taking walks and meeting new kids and dogs in the neighborhood. He is the friendliest dog I have ever met! He even lets the mailman pet him!
** Update 04/12/10 **
Janice, this is Oscar before his haircut, wrapping himself around the couch pillows. Next I'll send his photo with his new puff bed! He has always Loved his pillows. :)

Oscar Update 6

This is one of my favorites because his tongue is always hanging out. :)

Oscar Update 7