Oliver & Oscar

Oliver & Oscar Adopted 1

Hi Linda and Russ,
The boys did great last night. We took them out to potty a couple of times, but then they settled down 5 min. after returning to their crate and slept good.
This morning they got up and went potty first thing outside, then I fed them their chicken and rice - they were starving!
We are all in LOVE with them and they are just the most wonderful dogs. THANK YOU so much for letting us adopt them.
They are settling in with the girls beautifully and getting tons of attention!
Have a great day!
Annie Collins

Oliver & Oscar Adopted 2

** Update 02/21/09 **

Oliver & Oscar Adopted 3

Hi Linda & Russ,
We just wanted to update you on our precious pooches... We love our boys so much and our family couldn't feel more complete. They have settled into our daily routine and now they are more relaxed and know what to expect.
Every morning we wake at 7 to go out to potty, they do a few laps around the basement, chase, bark and compete for my attention, then they eat their chicken and rice - which they jump for joy over - after inhaling the morsels, Ollie heads for his bed to digest and Oscar heads upstairs to wake the girls with lots of kisses.
I love the mornings now since we have had them - the gigles and laughs echo through the house while they play in the mornings as I get my coffee. The boys are better now with potty training. We are very consistent with their potty routine and are bell training them. They are actually ringing the bell when we take them to the door, maybe one day they will do this to let us know they have to go.
We have worked with them at stay and sit - so far we get them to do it 9 times out of 10. As the bus drives up the road - they know the girls are coming home - their tails wag and they greet them with excitement.
The family tells me that Oscar and Ollie are Mamas boys and when I am in the room, they prefer me over anyone else. But all the family participates in the affection, care and attention.
The evenings are spent cuddled on our laps while we watch tv. I have never seen my husband so enamored with dogs before. They have truly warmed his heart. It is really sweet and it makes us all happy to have found them. Sidney & Quincy thank us all the time for their wonderful gifts.
So I hope this didn't drag on for you, but I just want you to know how well they are taken care of. We hope you and your families are well and that your dogs are finding great homes!
Best wishes to you and Russ... Please find a picture attached.
Annie Collins
** Update 12/19/10 **

Oliver & Oscar Adopted 4

We are wishing you, Russ & the Puppy Pal Rescue team a very Merry Christmas!
Our family continues to show Oscar & Ollie lots of love...there isn't a moment that we aren't thankful for these little guys. They are doing great! Our girls call them our little miracles...Thank you for the blessings that you gave us!
Annie Collins & family
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