Olivia - now Kya!
Olivia has a new home with the Ross  family. The home will be super for Olivia and their pup Koko will be a fun fursister. Here is a  picture of Olivia and her new Mommy, Danita Ross (Dad - Frank couldn't make the trip) from Lexington, KY.     We wish them all many years of love and happiness!

Olivia1121 Adopted 1

** Updates 03/08/11 **
Good Afternoon My Puppy Pal Friends:
Just wanted to give you an update on Olivia.  She did fine on the ride home, so she seems to be a great traveler - which is great, because we are RVers and travel on long weekends during the summer visiting places and campgrounds.  Our Koko, Bentley, loves camping because we are there all the time (close quarters) and he gets lots of walks, and meets lots of people and other pets.  We will be going to the Destin, Fl area in mid May for a week near the beach. Unfortunately, they do not allow pets on the beach but it's a beautiful campground/doggie friendly.
The first night and day (Monday) Koko had a difficult time adjusting to his new sibling.  Olivia was great, very social and playful, but Koko kept moving away from her every time she came near.  He paced the floor at bedtime and wouldn't lay down in his bed (ended up sleeping with my daughter).  Olivia slept through the night.  She was a little anxious at first but calmed down.  She was great with potty duty.  She used the pad inside and went outside when we arrived Sunday night and on our walk before bedtime and first thing Monday morning.  Monday night, Koko started to warm up a little bit and they both slept in their beds through the night.  This morning Koko was even better toward Olivia, looking around and making sure she was close by during the morning walk and when we took them upstairs to hangout while we got ready for work.  I called my daughter at Noon and she said it was a good day so far, they had played together and were both taking a nap.
Olivia has a bigger appetite than Koko.  He only eats once a day (around 6 pm).  Olivia is ready to eat anytime.  I feed her first thing in the morning and again at 6 (smaller portions).  She loves treats (any kind), whereas Koko is really picky and not crazy about treats.  Anyway, no problems, we all love Olivia - all is well.  I'll keep you updated. Here is a picture of Olivia and my daughter Ariel...

Olivia1121 Adopted 2

** Updates 03/12/11 **
Greetings from Lexington:
Olivia has a new name, Kya! Ky pronounced like in Kyle, Ky-a.
Thursday she got her stitches out. Vet said she looked great. He gave her the remaining shots.
Koko & Kya were groomed yesterday (see photo).

Olivia1121 Adopted 3

They play chase and are getting a little closer each day. I will send more you photos from my phone.
Take care. Danita Ross