Nutmeg - now Maggie!!

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Here is Nutmeg's new Mommy! She is a wonderful lady and loves her dogs. It was so nice to meet her. Thanks Linda and Tami for going as a group and having lots of fun and lots of laughs.
More coming soon!
Mary Lou

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** Updates 08/07/11 **
On a bright Saturday morning a car from Ohio drove into my driveway with the newest addition to our family. The Puppy Pals Rescue, Inc. gals handed over Nutmeg into my arms and I was rewarded with sloppy pappy kisses just as if we were old friends! I had been searching for a small female papillon to join our family for quite some time and Nutmeg sure fit the bill with her age and small size. She was welcomed by her other brother and sisters into one happy pack. They have played and pranced all evening and then settled down for a much needed rest. Nutmeg knows that I'm the mommy and has kept me in sight or close by since she got here. She's such a delightful little girl and we are very happy and blessed to welcome her into our little family. The rescue groups do an amazing job in saving as many babies as they can and I am thankful that they saved Nutmeg so that we can love and spoil her every day.

** Updates 08/14/11 **
Hi Mary Lou
Well, we've had Maggie here for 1 week - and she feels like she's been here all her life! Thank you for bringing her to us. Maggie and Scampy (Maltese) continue to be the most active playing, running and sparing all over the house. Truman joins in bopping them both with a squeak toy (his usual fun thing to do.) I have to rescue Scampy so he can rest at times. Dutchess plays sporadically, but is warming up. The 2 little ones were snuggled next to each other in the bed a few nights ago. Just wanted you to know that things are going wonderfully. I've put the crate away because Maggie is spending nights in our bed with all of us. Potty training is going great. She holds it all night and is very good in the morning going outside. We had a bad storm last night and she was a little scared and snuggled in my husband's lap for several hours! Really cute. Since Maggie has been here she's been a little chow hound so she must be pretty comfortable!
My invitation is still standing - whenever you are in the area, don't hesitate to call or stop by.
Fondly, Lynn Pawley
Mom to Scampy, Truman, Duchess and now Maggie!

** Updates 08/28/11 **

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Hi Mary Lou,

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Just wanted to drop you a note to say that everyone is getting along wonderfully. Lots of play going on - I've attached a photo or two of action shots! Maggie is a natural on going for a walk, leading the way. I took all 4 of them around the block - and it was a challenge with tangled leashes but we figured it out and made it back home in one piece. We are in love with Maggie and are very glad that she is part of the family! Keep up the good rescue work!

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