Myra Adopted 1

Hi Laura,

Well I think Myra is settling in real well. She had a lot of visitors today. My husband's cousin and her husband, my two sisters, my brother and sister in law, one of our sons and daughterinlaw, and two teenage grandsons. She was as calm as could be and when a new batch of people came she got excited all over. So she has probably had sensory overload today.

It was so good meeting you both. (If my typing is sloppy, blame it on the little girl on my lap). There were two accidents today, but really blame myself for not noticing her signals. I guess we'll both learn. I just pulled up another chair for Myra and she is more comfortable. She is scratching to make her bed in the chair. That's a familiar thing to me as all our pups did that.

That little feeding station really was a hit with the family. And the doggie bed also. So cute and pretty. My seventeen year old grandson said to me that now I have a little girl that I can spoil and dress all in pink, and he said that's a good thing for me. He knows I like all the girly things.

I am going to put one of my husbands t-shirts from the hamper beside her bed so she can become familiar with his scent also. I called him and told him how sweet she was and he just laughed and said he can hardly wait to meet her. I know he will fall in love with her too. He's such a softy! Anyway, she was a BIG hit today.

Until later, have a nice day and evening. And as I said before, God bless you both for all you do for these little critters.

Until the next time, Esther

P.S. My grandson cleared a nice place for her in the grass, Now the things aren't hitting her in the face.