Murphy & Gizmo

Murphy & Gizmo Adopted 1
Dave and Murphy on the left, Kim and Gizmo on the right

Hi Linda,
Things are going well with our two babies. They love to play together, Gizmo would play forever. Murph the Smurf gets tired.

Murphy & Gizmo Adopted 2

As Dave calls him, Murphy Feldman, loves his bones and Gizmo loves to try to take them away.

Murphy & Gizmo Adopted 3

I left the two of them alone the other day for a couple of hours with their diapers on and they were dry. They always want to make sure their thing is still there when you remove the diaper.

Murphy & Gizmo Adopted 4
Gizmo on the left and Murphy

We are going to attach some photos.
Again thank you for my babies, I have two to love. Dave and I will see you in August with the boys of course.

Murphy & Gizmo Adopted 5

No kisses from Gizmo yet, he is holding out. You will be the first to know.
Kim, Gizmo and Murphy

Murphy & Gizmo Adopted 6

** Update 2/15/10 **
Hi Linda
Hope you are surviving the snow.
Today is precious Murphs birthday as you can see he and Giz both had birthday cake and a frosty paw later with lots of toys and kisses.

Murphy_Gizmo_ Adopted 7

Giz is great, Murph has had two go arounds of antibiotics for a urinary tract infection the second time it showed crystals.

Murphy_Gizmo_ Adopted 8

If it comes back again we will have to xray for stones, for now he is great i am keeping my fingers crossed it doesn't come to that.

Murphy_Gizmo_ Adopted 9

I love my boys more each day, I have referred several people to you, hope you and Russ are both doing well as well as all your babies. Take care of yourself enjoy the bday pictures.
Hugs and kisses from Murph and Giz

Murphy_Gizmo_ Adopted 10


** Update 2/14/11 **
Today is Murphs 7th birthday - how appropriate the little sweetheart was born on Valentines Day. You know baby Giz had to ham it up too. I am going to send their picture into the company of dogs and hope they will print it. Both babies are doing great. We love them sooooooooooo much. Happy birthday to Murph the smurf! 
Kim and Dave

Murphy birthday

** Update 12/25/11 **
Merry Christmas!

Murphy_Gizmo_ Adopted 11

Murphy_Gizmo_ Adopted 12

Murphy_Gizmo_ Adopted 13

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