Murphy has been adopted by the Lovegrove family of Huber Heights! He has a fenced in yard and kids to play with!

** Updates 3/24/12**

Murphy1224 Adopted 1

Hello, just wanted to give you a Murphy update. Oh - and the kids have been gone but will be back Sunday night, so I will have a picture emailed to you as soon as we are all in the same place at the same time, hehe.

Murphy1224 Adopted 2

Well Murphy is doing great! He had his vet visit and all looks good, however he was scanned and didn't have a microchip so we will be doing that soon. The girls at the vet office just couldn't believe how well he did in the waiting room with all the others dogs. He does great in the car, and he likes Petsmart. We were just there today and saw 2 Yorkie mixes there and Murphy was really fond of the little girl dog with bows in her hair. Murphy got a new tag with his name and our address on it so when we see you I can give yours back for another future rescue. Smart little guy, he has figured out how to jump over the baby gate in the kitchen, even running free around the house he has only had 2 accidents so far. He loves to curl up on the couch right next to myself or my husband, he also likes blankets. He gets under them and sticks his head out the top. Still rolling over on his back for belly rubs. :-)

Murphy1224 Adopted 3

The kids just love him and everyone is adjusting well. He is a good sleeper in his crate on a fluffy bed, but that's the time he is in the crate. Murphy gets to meet his Grandma tomorrow and her Cockapoo, Buffy. I hope they like each other and play well together. We changed our April plans to being gone just for 1 night - we will miss him, hehe. Okay well I promise to send more pics soon, thanks again for everything. The Lovegroves.

** Updates 4/13/12**
Hello, just wanted to let you know to stop by anytime to see little Murphy. He has really settled in here with us, seems like we have had him forever. He did great at his Grandmas, but he was happy to be home. Murphy has been running around the yard like crazy and demolishing quite a lot of his toys :~)
Still doing great with not tearing anything up in the house and not having any accidents. We are sooooo happy to have him with us. He did get his microchip put in, ohhh it was awful, he yelped twice. The needle is so large ughh, but he healed very well. I think he has gained some weight and is so fast when we are playing with him, he hops like a bunny it is so funny. Anyway, please come by soon to see him, Murphy is such a joy to have.
Thank you again for placing him in our lives, The Lovegroves.