Muffy Adopted 1

This past Monday, Muffy, went to live with her new family, Mary Sue and Dave Randall who live in Kettering, Ohio.
One great thing about this adoption is that the Randall's had a prior family commitment which took them out of town this weekend and we're doggie sitting her!!
I told her new parents that they might not get her back... LOL... because it was hard to let her go. But, she has a good home and they love her so much.
Miss Muffy was our inspiration in going to pick up the 15 dogs. She will always have a special place in our hearts. Even for a few days -- she's back home!!
Here's Muffy with her new family.

Muffy Adopted 2

** Update 04/12/10 **

Muffy is glad to introduce you to her new sister, Chloe.

Muffy Adopted 3

** Updated Picture - December 2011**

MuffyChloe Dec 2011