Mr. Jake

Mr. Jake Adopted 1

Hi Russ,
Jake is doing great. I'm working from home today so he won't be alone his full first day in a new home.
He is such a sweet dog! He slept on his back between my wife and I last night as if he'd lived and slept with us for years. He and our cat are also doing well. Jake has decided he prefers cat food vs. his food so we're going to have to put the cat's food in a different location.
Jake is sound asleep on the couch as I type. Thank you so much for what you and your wife do. Jake is great!

Mr. Jake Adopted 2

** Update 02/03/09 **
Russ and Linda,
Just a note to tell you how well Jake is doing. He and our cat "Belle" have become friends, or should I say regular siblings! They do so well together most days and then there are time when they act just like brother and sister.
We had to move Belle's food downstairs because Jake liked it just a little too much so now they do stare downs when Belle can go downstairs and Jake can't.

Mr. Jake Adopted 3

We were blaming the cat for putting foot prints on the living room coffee table until we found that Jake likes to nap on the coffee table when the sun is outside our living room window. He loves walks, playing fetch and those afternoon naps!

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