Mr. Chips

Mr Chips Adopted 1

Here are some pictures of Mr. Chips with his new family. Mr. Chips is doing great in his new home!

Mr Chips Adopted 2

** Update - 01/03/2009 **

Dear Linda,
I came across your email address and I decided to send you an update about Chips who we adopted from Puppy Pals Rescue last spring.
He has become the darling of our family -- everyone loves him, especially Pickles, the dog we already had. He has definitely fulfilled his mission of being a friend for Pickles. They play all the time and are inseparable. Here are some pictures for you:

Mr Chips Adopted 3
Chips when we first got him -- look at his scrawny tail!

Mr Chips Adopted 4
Chips today -- look how beautiful his tail is!We found out from our vet
that he is actually a Bichon Frise, (probably full-blooded!) -- not a poodle at all.

Mr Chips Adopted 5
Chips is asking Pickles to play

Mr Chips Adopted 6
Chips in his new winter coat!

Sarah Northrop