Molly Adopted 1

Hi Linda,
I had been looking to adopt a puppy online, but when I would find one I wanted and requested to adopt, they were already taken. I was getting very disappointed with the process. I had spent many nights looking through various sites, but it was through our daughter, Lisa Gale, meeting you at the Popcorn festival that brought us to adopting Molly.
I had been in Canada caring for my sister at that time, so I was anxious to get back to meet Molly. Well I would like to say the feeling was reciprocated, but Molly didn't feel much like having competition, after having my husband all to herself, and she let me know it... every time I moved, she was there to keep me in place with a growl and bark.
It took a few days of having me bumbling around for her to accept me and we three are now getting along just fine. She is still getting the most attention in our house, ha! She loves to sit on his lap watching television and sleeping.
I just wanted you to know she is very much loved, and well cared for here in her new home.
Thanks! Marian Gale