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The K'house would like to announce that Mitzy now resides in Centerville, Ohio. Mitzy was adopted by Karen and Ben Bennett and family. Mitzy has a big brother, named Hank (a doxie/beagle mix) - who had to get used to an active pup. They are doing wonderfully according to Karen. The family is so thankful for their new addition.

** Updates 01/10/13**
Hi Linda,
Things are going great! Our little Hanky let's Mitzy know from time to time that he's had enough, but no real problem. She needs a little "direction" now and then. We just adore her too!!! Thank you for saving her and bringing her into our lives. She brings smiles to all of us everyday!
Take care and I'll be in touch soon!

** Updates 01/23/13**

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Mitzy's the one in the middle!

Meet the Bennett’s, and some of our extended family too! We all have one thing in common… we love our new family addition! We adopted our little Hank (the bigger pup) last summer and have enjoyed every minute since. He came from a foster home with other dogs and longed to play again, so we decided we needed to adopt a little sister for Hank!
The first time we saw Mitzy online we fell in love! She was so cute and the exact same color as Hank (and she is the same color as our couch LOL) Along with all that, she had quite the sparkle which we knew would brighten our lives! She has brought smiles to all of us since the day we met! She came to visit us on the 20th of December and stayed to join her forever family and her forever home! Her Foster Mom sent us a picture of a puppy wishing Santa for a forever home for Christmas, and that’s what our Mitzy got!
We are so grateful to Mitzy’s Foster parents for bringing her into our lives! The work they do is so admirable and appreciated! You saved our girl’s life and we are so grateful for your compassion and love for animals! It’s so great for a family with kids to be able to know a dog before making a forever commitment. And knowing that everyone involved only wants the absolute best for the pup, makes all the difference for a perfect fit! Thanks for our happy, healthy and adorable new family member! She will be loved and cared for the rest of her life!

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