Mitzy - now Fluffy!

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Our Itzy Bitzy Mitzy was adopted tonight by The Szlapak family, Mike, Amy, Hannah & Ben. Mitzy will now be living in Columbus Ohio where she will be one spoiled little princess. She has a beautiful big backyard to run and play and a wonderful new furever family to love her and spoil her.

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Thank you to the Szlapak family for opening their heart and home to a rescue dog in need of a second chance!
Many thanks to Laura for being my travel buddy tonight and going to Columbus with me... I really appreciated it!! Tami

** Update 9/9/11 **

Fluffy is doing great! I am so surprised at how well she has done. I thought she would be sad and cry, but she has seemed happy and just played and explored. She has not had any accidents. We took her out after eating and drinking and then this morning when she woke and she went pee and poo just great! I am allergic to her. My ears and chin started itching and my eyes have been watery and itchy and I was sneezing last night. Hannah washed her this morning and I have not touched her today. I called my doctor's office to ask for a good allergy med. They have not gotten back to me yet. I am hoping that will work. She is a dream puppy! Seriously - I just love her personality and temperament - she is adorable and very well-behaved. I just really want this to work out. I will keep you posted on this.

** Update 9/14/11 **

Hi Tami!
Fluffy is THE BEST DOG I have ever had as a part of my family! I will never want to obtain a young puppy again. This was the best way to get a dog! I like that Fluffy was an older puppy, that you were able to give a description of her personality and that she was rescued! Fluffy is perfectly playful and a snuggler. She has only had 2 accidents in the past 7 days. We take her on a mile-long walk twice a day. Hannah loves caring for her and sleeping with her. We are just going to give that crate back because there is no need for it at all. We have only needed to leave her alone twice now and we gated the dining room and she did not even pee in there and she is not a chewer so it is awesome! I did get 2 allergy prescriptions and Hannah has bathed her twice so I will be fine. Fluffy is making friends all over our neighborhood and yesterday we got her a new tag with our address on it and her new name. Thank you for taking such good care of her, Tami! Hannah wondered how she could ever love a baby more someday because she loves Fluffy so very much!

** Update 12/10/11 **

Hey!!!! Fluffy is doing great! :) She's our perfect little angel we were wanting! We just love her so much. We treat her like a princess! She fits right into the family! The pictures are from before we got her groomed so she looks really scraggly.
Hannah & Amy

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