Mister Adopted 5

Here is Mister with Vivian Moody's family ... Mister is doing wonderfully and they can't imagine their lives without him. Vivian and Don are going to be married in March and I'm sure Mister will be in the wedding party!
Linda K.

Mister Adopted 6

** Update **

Mister Adopted 1

Hi Linda and Russ,
Hello from Trotwood!

Mister Adopted 2

Just wanted to let you know that all is well with Mister and the family. He had a cold and we took him to the vet. Trying to get him him to take the medication was a real task! He's doing much better now.
Today Don took him to the groomer; when I came home and saw my baby I was so suprised! Attached are pictures we took with our webcam.

Mister Adopted 3

We love our baby, he has brought so much joy to our home. We love him very much, it's like he has been part of our family forever. He has adjusted well, had a few wetting accidents. But, that's is to be expected.
Thanks again for allowing us to adopt Mister.
Vivian and Don

Mister Adopted 4

** Updates 01/12/11 **
Linda, Just wanted to check in with you guys, we think about you often! Mister is doing well, he has really become part of our family. He is such a smart doggie. I play with him and say to him "where's your brother" (my son Mike) and he just starts barking and turning in circles.

Mister HT 1

Don and I got married in March of 2009 and my son moved out in May of 2010 so it's just the three of us here at the house (Don, Mister and me). Mike comes by often - mainly to see Mister :). Mike will graduate from college on May 7th!!!!!

Mister HT 2

Well, just wanted you to know that Mister is healthy and happy. We keep him up on all the important things - he goes to the Trotwood Vet and they take good care of him. He goes to LaRuby's for all of his grooming.

Mister HT 3

Attached our some pictures that we took some time ago - thought you would enjoy seeing them. Regards, Vivian and Don

Mister HT 4

Mister HT 5