Miss Molly

Hi Mary Lou,
Just wanted to give you an update. Miss Molly is doing wonderfully. She loves everyone and we all love her so very much. Some days I get a little jealous as, with all the kids home for spring break and finals week, I am not getting enough of my own "Molly" time!
I'll send a couple pictures at some point, but we have gone on a couple of walks when the weather permitted, and she loves to play with a sock of all things... She and Thompson (the cat) have settled in and get along, although they don't played much together. They have started to feel each other out. Tommy will swat Molly's tail as she goes by and Miss Molly will return the favor every so often. No aggression between them, so I think they will end up being buds when they have figured each other out totally.
Just wanted to pass on how well she is doing.
Thanks again for your help and for loving her until we found her also!