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Hi all! Just wanted to let you know that Mr. Magoo was adopted on November 13th and Miss Ming’s adoption was finalized November 28th. And yes.... they both went to the same furever home. Yeah!
They both now live in Cedarville, Ohio with Paula & Mark Kordic and family. Both Magoo & Ming were so happy to see each other, just like they had never been apart. I want to thank Paula and Mark for opening their heart and home to not one, but TWO, of our rescue dogs. I know they will bring many, many years of love and happiness to both Magoo & Ming!!
They were a joy to foster!!! They are both in this picture, however it is very difficult to see Ming against Paula’s dark sweater. Paula promises to send pictures and updates on Magoo & Ming. Thanks, Tami

** Updates 11/30/10 **
Hi Tami, I wanted to give you a quick update. Ming is doing fine. She seems very happy to be with Magoo, but she did not eat breakfast yesterday so I'm sure she is missing you! She is eating fine now.
Ming and Magoo are hilarious together! She has cleaned his ears til they shine! And I see why you call her a ding-a-ling. She is large and in charge! Not one bit afraid of the cat or anything else!! She is adorable and just makes me laugh to look at her.
Both dogs did great with pottying until this morning. Ming plopped on the floor and then as you said, Magoo had to spray it! I will have to be smarter with both of them together. Ming goes potty great when I take her out, but apparently, she is not going to hold it like Magoo until she learns better!
We are really enjoying them. I'm sure you miss having them around. Have a great day. Paula

** Updates 1/15/11 **
Hi Tami!
Quick update on Ming and Magoo. They are doing great! Today I finally threw out all the cardboard pieces that I have been using to make a big playpen for them in my kitchen/dining room. I did find a great home for Mia, cat; a newly married couple at the college where I work. He gave Mia to her for Christmas! Mia is very happy and the dogs have settled down a lot without her here.

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Have had to deal with some health issues probably because of their time "on the road'. Ming had ruptured anal glands before Christmas. They have healed now w/antibiotic but may have to do surgery to get rid of them. They are not producing normally - very hard little pieces. We'll see. Magoo's eyes are quite scarred and I am putting ointment daily in them and also Ming's left eye again for about 6 weeks. Vet said they have seen good success with helping blood vessels in the eyes with this stuff. It's different than what Ming was getting before.
I think we may have mastered the pottying outside but won't swear by it! When I threw out the cardboard today my husband looked at Magoo and said "You're a big boy now!!!" Funny.

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Pictures attached are from Christmas. My favorite is my daughter sleeping on the couch with them curled up with her. My daughter Jenni is a law student in Dallas and works full time; was exhausted over Christmas. She loves Ming and Magoo!
Thanks for helping me get these little babies. I love them.

** Updates 9/20/12 **
Hi Tami!
I hope you remember me! I have your little Peke rescues, Ming and Magoo. I have been wanting to send you a couple pictures. They are doing wonderful and we love them to pieces. We moved to northern Virginia in December. I will attach 3 photos for you. Let me know if you can't open them. They are so cute!
Blessings, Paula Kordic

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