Mimi - now Chloe!!

Mimi Adopted 2

Hi Everyone,
I just wanted you to know that sweet little Mimi has been adopted by Courtney and Daniel Howell of Anderson, Indiana. They are a super couple who might just be interested in fostering for us someday. They are true poodle lovers. More details to follow ..... Linda

** Updates 07/08/11 **
Linda!! She is great!! We re-named her Chloe and she has stolen our hearts :D We have finally got her seizures under control, thank the Lord! I have attached a few pictures for you :)

Mimi Adopted 3

She is so sweet and learning to be a dog. At first she didn't want to have anything to do with us, but now she cuddles with us all the time and loves to snuggle at night :)

Mimi Adopted 4


Mimi Adopted 5