Milo1244 Adopted 1

This is a picture of Milo (on right) with his new Mom, Dee Schweikart and fur brother, Stanley (a prior PPR foster of Laura & Kit) on left. Dad (Larry) had to take a conference call for business. The family lives in Centerville. Milo was having a great time playing with a tuggie - both were really getting busy pulling each other around the house.
Great family. I miss him .... So does Coco!

** Updates 10/14/12**
Milo has settled right in. You would have thought he has always lived here. What a GREAT little dog. He has embraced his new crate but has slept curled up next to me from night one. He and Stanley play and play until they are tired out. They have gotten along very well, not a cross growl between the two of them. He is loving his walks, I am working on his leash skills. Thank you so much for Milo, he is a joy and has found his forever home.
Sincerely, Dee Schweikart