Miley chooses to stay at her foster home furever.
Miley came into PPR as a found stray by a Beavercreek resident who turned her over to us. She's been here a little over a month and has made herself very comfortable even in the chaos of the Beavercreek foster home hub for Puppy Pals Rescue.
I have found that I don't need to set the alarm clock anymore - because at 6:00 a.m. on the dot, she's doing her little dance and circling to go out and tells me it's time to eat! For a little 5 lb dog - she has an appetite. She cleans up after the other dogs if there is any left - it's gone.

She spends her days taking naps with her senior fur-brother and has come to love PPR Cuddle beds. She can climb 4 high to find the one she wants to try out. I have to watch her - she's a real climber.
Miley is blind in one eye and might have some neurological injuries from being hit or something - but, she will have a soft bed, plenty to eat, and all the love she can handle.