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It was a sad evening at our house ... and yes, I will admit that I shed a tear. We had 3 adoptions this evening -- this was the first. Mia went home with her new momma - Robin Rigdon of Maineville, OH.
Robin wanted Mia - and we had an adoption pending even before Mia was confirmed expecting! Robin said that Mia was the one and wanted to wait until she was ready to leave.
Robin had been up several times to see Mia and bond with her. However, tonight was the last visit and she was able, finally, to take her sweet girl home.
Miss you Mia! Linda and Russ
** Updates 01/15/11 **

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Just wanted to update you on Mia - she is doing wonderful! It's been a rough transition for our other chihuahua, Marley, though. But... she is learning to love Mia as the rest of us do. We have all grown so attached to her already. So, we can understand how hard it was to give this little angel up, but we assure you she is in a great home and being surrounded with love. She's quite the character we've seen. And she's constantly following Marley all through the house! It's the cutest! We thank you greatly for blessing our family with this beautiful little girl! I've attached some pictures as well!
Robin Rigdon

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