Piper (formerly Meeka)

Meeka Adopted 1

Hi! This is Natalie Christea.
Just wanted to give you an update on Meeka or Piper now as my family and I decided to name her. She is such a sweet dog! She was so good on the car ride home she just sat on my lap and looked around while eating a few treats :)

Meeka Adopted 2

When we got home I took her on a short walk before introducing her to our other 2 dogs. My dad brought our Lab Ginger out to meet her first and Piper was so fascinated by Ginger. She was too short to see her though and had to stand on her back legs to look Ginger in the eyes it was pretty funny! Then she met Hadley with my mom and we all walked for a bit before going in to the house. They all did very well together.
We took Piper to the vet that day and our vet said she was in very good health. She also got micro-chipped but poor thing did not like the needle for that! She has been doing wonderful with pottying outside!! She goes every time.

Meeka Adopted 3

She is such an agreeable dog, she just walked away when our other small dog Hadley decided that she was too close to her. Hadley takes some time to warm up to other dogs and people too. But so far she was been very good letting Piper know the house rules and accepting her into the family as well as Ginger has.
I attached a few pictures so you can see the three of them together. And one of Hadley (left) and Piper (right) together. And one of Piper in her dog bed (thank you for that she loves to take her toys and lay in it!) eating a bone.

Meeka Adopted 4

Anyways we can see why you adored this dog so much! She has been wonderful! We have not had any problems with her she is easygoing and a happy dog!
Thanks for letting us make her a part of our family!
and Chris, Kathy and Madelyn

Meeka Adopted 6

** Update 02/08/09 **
Hi! so sorry it has taken us so long to write back!!
Piper is a joy to have! She loves to play with her toys - even by herself. She has a wonderful temperament and has been doing well with our other 2 dogs.

Meeka Adopted 6

She goes on walks everyday and is now enrolled in basic obedience class. She has been learning very quickly and is a good listener.

Meeka Adopted 7

We love having her around! Thanks so much!

Meeka Adopted 8

Also we attached some pictures of her for you :)

Meeka Adopted 9

Kathy and Natalie Christea and family

Meeka Adopted 10

** Update 04/10/10 **
Hi Tami,
Just wanted to update you on Piper. I can't tell you how much our family adores her. Her playful antics and endearing clumsiness keep us laughing. We lost our Lab Ginger to lung cancer in August this year. Piper just adored her and was sad to have to be without her. But Piper loves having Hadley to play with, they are just the right size to wrestle :) Since we have had such positive experiences with rescue and love the idea of it, we decided in february to adopt two black labs. One is 3 and the other is 2 1/2.

Meeka Adopted 11

All the dogs get along wonderfully! I've attached a picture of Piper with Maggie one of the new labs sharing the dog bed together :) and just another one of Piper. Piper has become quite the lap dog and her favorite place to sit is on my mom's lap or in my bed. She really is a joy to have around with such a good personality and a loving heart!! Thanks for helping us find this sweet girl! Natalie Christea and Family

Meeka Adopted 12

** Update 11/19/11 **
Piper is doing so well. We just adore her!! As you can see from the pictures, she has a new best friend in our black lab Maggie. They play together all the time. We think Piper wishes she were a big dog too! She is such a copy cat and is always doing whatever the big dogs are doing. She is still adorably clumsy with her long body and short legs. :) She did manage to pull a muscle jumping, but after some rest is back to her playful happy self! She can hardly contain herself when it's time to go on a walk and races in circles to explore outside! As much as she likes to be active she also likes to cuddle. No matter what Piper does, she does it with her whole heart!

Meeka Adopted 13

Thanks so much for our sweet little girl!!

Meeka Adopted 14

Hope everything is going well for you and Puppy Pals Rescue! The Christea family

Meeka Adopted 15

Piper wants to let you know she is so thankful for Puppy Pals Rescue this Thanksgiving!

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