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Pictured here is little yorkie - Max with his new forever family -Tracy & Mike Clare & big fur-brother. Max now resides in Oakwood, OH.

** Update 06/10/10 **
Hi! I'm Max! I'm a 6 lb male Yorkshire Terrier.

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I have a new home, here in Ohio, with a new mom and dad (Tracy & Mike) and I have a BIG furry brother named Marvin.

Max031 Adopted 3

He's cool, because he likes to play just as much as I do. I'm getting plenty of exercise, great food and I have a nice comfy bed to snooze in.

Max031 Adopted 2

As you can tell from the pictures, I have a hip new haircut and just love to "cheeeeeze" for the camera. I'm really really really happy that the rescue was able to find me a great new home.

Max031 Adopted 5

I think I'm going to stay here 4-EV-R! I know my Mom makes a big fuss over me cause I turn on my Yorkie every time.

** Update 06/22/10 **
It's me Max again...Okay so here is the deal, I have taught my new family how to cater to my needs. I get tummy rubs any time I want them. It's pretty cool, all I have to do is flip back and tada...tummy rubs. I also made them get me a rope to tug of war with...I am so good at it as you can see in the pictures.

Max031 Adopted 7

Today was very wierd. I found I don't like to be alone...My BIG fur brother is afraid of storms, while normally we snuggle on the couch, today he hid under the bed while it stormed. He left me upstairs. Boy was I glad to see Mom walk in the door. Oh well back to snugglinging and tummy rubs.

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** Update 10/31/2011 **
In Honor of is the Ewok...(Max, for those who don't recognize him!)

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** Update 1/13/2015 **
Mike took a couple of great photos of the boys. Max is thirteen now and still as sweet and loving as ever. His back legs are giving him a hard time, but we work with him and he is doing great. He is still a licker and greets everyone with kisses. Titus is a great little guy too. He is coming up on birthday eleven on New Year’s day. He is a sweet guy who loves to lay on our laps... switching between the two of us all evening. He is also our little watch dog... sitting on the back of the couch to warn us of anyone in our territory. As always thanks for allowing these little guys to be part of my family!
At Thirteen Max is still the cutest ever…at least that is my opinion. He is still a little love and I am still thankful every day that we were lucky enough to have him in our lives.

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