Max Adopted 1

Hi Janice,
Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! Max is the most lovable, playful, good little dog ever!!
We love him. (sorry) I know you do too !!. He is so much fun, and has adjusted to the routine around here already. He follows me around everywhere, and loves to cuddle.
The cats are also adjusting really quickly, just a few hisses, and growls, but I think Max thinks the cats are his pack leaders too!
I can't thank you enough for thinking of us. Max is a wonderful addition to the family.

Max Adopted 2


Max Adopted 3

Hi Janice,
Here are a few pictures of Max, he's getting along great.

Max Adopted 4

As you can see he's made himself quite comfortable here.

Max Adopted 5

I may be spoiling him just a little :)

Max Adopted 6


Max Adopted 7