Marty Adopted 1

This is Marty, a puppy mill rescue. He has his new home with Amanda Mullins (one of our fosters) and Dwayne Spandel.
Marty came to the rescue with many health concerns; such as major ear infections with ruptured ear drums and a disorder that leaves holes in the mouth to the nasal cavities. He was very, very scared and in pain if you tried to pet him.
Marty has since gone through an extreme "makeover" he had some surgery and some special ear care and is on his way to a full recovery. He is no longer in pain and has become like a young puppy again running around with the rest of the clan, his fursister Trinity and furbrother Neo are his new companions.

Marty Adopted 2
Marty's new fursister, Trinity

Marty has been through more than any animal should ever have to go through, but now he is spoiled to the core. He won their hearts and now has his Forever Home!
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