Maggie Mae

Hi Laura,
Maggie Mae is doing well. She had a visit to the vet yesterday to get her "chip" put in.

Her and her sister Mazy play very hard all day and as you can see by the picture below, she has had very tough days playing in the sun!

Thanks for being great foster parents!
Jodi and Brad Chaney


Maggie Mae is doing great. Still a little shy around new people, but easily won over by a sniff and some love.
As you know, she loves her big sister Miss Mazy (2.5 yr. old Lahsopoo) and now also loves her new baby sister Mocha Chip (4m old Top Poodle). Although Mocha aggravates her, as you can see by the pictures, they love to snuggle.
Also, Maggie has become a Mermaid! They love to get in their baby pool, and Maggie puts her whole head under! Too funny and cute!
Hope you and your babies are doing well.
Jodi and Brad Chaney