Maggie1206 Adopted 1

Maggie went to her forever home today with Tom and Linda McCain of Versailles, Indiana. Tom and Linda drove over 2 1/2 hours to pick up Maggie and make her part of their family. Maggie was happy to meet her fursister Emmy and she is going to be one loved girl. The McCain's live on a farm and Maggie will get all the attention she so deserves.

Maggie1206 Adopted 2

** Updates 02/13/12**
Maggie's doing good. Grandkids love her and she loves playing with them. She does bolt when the front door is opened for anyone coming in or going out. We have to watch her like a hawk, and asking everyone to use the back door so if she gets out there, it's only to her potty place. She is still having a few indoor 'accidents', but when the grands are here, they race to see who can clean first, lol. They also love going outside and giving her a treat if she potties in the right place. She loves playing with the other dogs. I have had to cage her at night to keep her from waking us up to play. She seems tired then, and ready to go to sleep, and has made no fuss about it. She also might be more accepting, since we are confining the other dogs at night for the same reason. She also naps an hour or two every afternoon. What more can I say? We all love her. More than one friend has seen her and said, "I WANT HER!" (Fat Chance!) One of my older daughter's is moving back into the area next year, and she believes she is going to talk me into letting her have Maggie! Maggie is mine, she will have to get her own! Ha ha.
The puppy (fursister) is behaving better, too. She has gone several days without trying to pee on/near the others, content just to play with them!
At least with Maggie in the house, the grandkids have stopped asking to see puppie pics online. Good thing, too. Three dogs is enough for me!
Emmy (fursister) goes back to the vet the 20th, and they are going to take another Xray, and if she has healed enough, they will take off the splint and bandages.
So, all is well here. Thanks for caring enough to ask... Linda