Murphy (formerly Lucy)

Lucy Adopted 1

Hi Janice,
Well, we had an uneventful ride back home. Lucy is a great traveler. She didn't want to ride on the seat, though -- she seemed to prefer being on the floor.
Our first stop was at Petco where we did find the Royal Canin dry food (didn't find the first one that you recommended). They didn't have a Lhasa mix, so we bought one for Adults her size. She did eat some last night but made it clear it wasn't her preference. This morning, we gave her a half-day serving again but she definitely doesn't want it. Too funny -- she did exactly what our other Lhasa used to do when confronted with food she didn't like -- she tried to push the dish away. When I took some out and put it on the little doggie mat that we have, she worked and worked at covering it up until she succeeded. Guess we have to find something else she likes -- besides treats, that is.
The first thing we did when we brought her to our house was to give her a bath. She looks and smells great -- which is good because she slept on the bed with us all night long. She's really a good dog. Speaking of which...
She was so good when we ate dinner. Of course, she sat nearby looking up at me, hoping for a taste. When none was forthcoming, she stayed quiet and then laid down. Believe me, that's a first for any dog that has lived here, and I plan to keep it that way. Much nicer for guests when they're dining with you.
She loves being out in our backyard and spends most of her time checking out the perimeter, trying to find any weak spots. We already know where we have to shore up our "defenses." That will be Paul's #1 job today.
I've known for over a week that Paul wasn't crazy about the name "Lucy" (but I thought he'd get used to it) since I thought it was darling, as did our friends. Upon questioning, I found out that name has a somewhat negative association for him. Since I can understand that, I finally agreed to consider changing her name. We did like the name Murphy when your Murphy was presented us a couple of weeks ago, so now Lucy is learning to come when we call "Murphy".
We took Murphy for a little walk around our neighborhood and she got to meet several of our neighbors already. There were times when Paul let the leash out full length and she really liked that. And, boy, does she like to run ! I think half a block, though, is Paul's max.
Murphy seems dying to meet the two noisy Labs next door. I'm sure they're very nice but, honestly, I haven't even met them. As I said, they're noise and they're rambunctious. I hope she doesn't learn to bark from their example.
We'll be going back to Petco today because we forgot to buy "Angel Eyes" yesterday. I have a feeling that, instead of my heading to Kohl's to shop (for me) I'll now be spending time and $$ at Petco and Petsmart.
Well, that's about it for now -- pretty much recaps the first 18 or so hours. I thought you might be wondering how things were going. Thanks so much for sending treats, dog bed & tug toy home with Murphy, and thanks to you and your organization for taking such good care of her up till now. She really seems very well-adjusted despite all the moving around she's done. I'll be in touch again if/when I have anything more to tell.
In the meantime, I hope all is well with you. Keep up your great work ! I know it's time and $$ and emotion-consuming and never-ending -- such a responsibility. Thanks, again, for doing it.
Susan (and Paul and Murphy, too)

** Update 06/08/09 **

Lucy Adopted 2

Hi Janice,
Murphy is SUCH A GOOD GIRL ! We are so lucky to have her. She seems to be settling in well -- learning her way around and determining the most comfortable furniture.

Lucy Adopted 3

We take her in the car with us whenever we can -- she's such a good traveler. We took her to meet our vet today. She was a nervous wreck but was still so good. Of course, she didn't need to get any shots or tests on this visit.

Lucy Adopted 4

Thought you might like to see some pics of Murphy being totally mistreated.
Thanks for taking such good care of Murphy.
Susan Malloch

Lucy Adopted 5

** Update 04/11/12 **
I was just scrolling through some archived emails and came across our exchanges (from almost 3 years ago) that I saved. I like to read Murphy's (f/k/a/ Lucy's) "story" from time to time. :) I'm just letting you know that our family of three is SO happy together ! Hardly a day goes by that I don't tell Murphy how glad I am that she came to live with us instead of anyone else. She's beyond good, beyond wonderful -- she's a perfect dog and we love her to bits! She's a great cuddler, cute, charming and very quiet and laid-back, just as you described her. Our neighbor, who watches her when we go out of town, has two dogs but loves Murphy as if she were her own, and Murphy loves her right back. Thanks to this loving relationship, Murphy now has two beautiful hand-made coats and two beautiful hand-made bone-shaped placemats (one is monogrammed). Life is good.