Lucky2 Adopted 1

Lucky has been adopted by the Matthew & Courtney Hensley family of Englewood, OH! You can see him howling his happiness in this picture of him with his new family!
** Updates 11/23/10 **
I talked to Lucky's new dad and all seems to be going great. When I took Lucky there, the two pups were having a great time playing and chasing each other outside in the back yard, leaves flying everywhere. They played until they both needed to take a break before going at it again. I guess their other dog just didn't understand at first that Lucky wanted to continue to play inside the house too. Sounds like he now's got the idea that it's more of a quiet time indoors. He's now sleeping in their bedroom. Lucky's apparently standing more and more on the bad foot so hopefully he'll walk and stand like a normal pup. I'd say it was a perfect home for Lucky. Russ