Lucky Adopted 1

Pictured here is the Lobley Family (Lincoln & Kate with their kids) from Columbus, Ohio.

Lucky Adopted 2

Lincoln and eldest daughter - met Lucky at the Columbus Mutt Mingle and it was love at first sight. She is so gentle with him and I know that he will be very much loved.
Linda & Russ

Lucky Adopted 3

** Update 06/08/09 **

Lucky Adopted 4

Lucky is doing very well. He and Maggie have bonded so well it's silly. Initially, he was very, very timid. But Maggie simply poor all her little heart into him, and he is now completely, 100% devoted to her. I've taken to calling him "her white shadow," because he literally follows her everywhere. He sleeps at the foot of her bed. He only barks or whines when she has to leave. However, you have never seen a happier dog every time she comes home.
Perhaps the only negative in Lucky's new world is my son, John. John loves Lucky too, but at two years old, he simply isn't gentle enough with him. However annoying Lucky might find this, he has never once growled or nipped John. He just goes and finds Maggie.
Regardless of how hard he may have had it before, he now has a beautiful 6 year old little girl who loves him with all her heart. Obviously I am biased, but few dogs have ever been so 'Lucky!'

Lucky Adopted 5