Lola - now Lily!

Lola Adopted 1

Lola, now known as Lily, was adopted in December of 2010. She has a wonderful home with Toni and Anthony Cirino.

Lola Adopted 2

Toni fell in love with her picture on the website and traveled all the way from northern Ohio to see and adopt her. She has two furkid siblings who have accepted her and a family who adores her.
She will be forever loved.
Thanks, Dianne

** Updates 1/07/11 **
Hi Dianne! Here's a bunch of the latest photos of Lily! She has settled right in and acts like she owns the place!!!

Lola Adopted 3b

Lola Adopted 4

Lola Adopted 5

Lola Adopted 6

Lola Adopted 7

Lola Adopted 8

Lola Adopted 9

Lola Adopted 10

Lola Adopted 11

** Updates 11/29/11 **
I’ve been meaning to send you more photos of little Lily, so here they are! She is doing great… she weighs 4 pounds, 4 ounces at one year old.
She is just a delight, although she is very selfish with her toys and chew sticks and is always hiding them so Gidget and Gus can’t get them (she puts them under a low chair that only she is small enough to go under!!!) She is definitely a “cuddler”… if either Tony or I are sitting, she is on our lap. She doesn’t warm up to strangers quickly and barks the loudest when anyone arrives. She and Gus love to lay in the sun (photo #2) and she had a lot of fun chasing a little chipmunk that lived in one of our flower beds this summer. Of course she never caught him, but she sure enjoyed the chase!
She has trained very well to indoor potty pads and hardly ever “misses.” She IS a fussy eater though, and I am usually following her around in the evening with her dish, trying to coax her to eat a little more. But she is healthy and happy and doing just great.
Have a wonderful Holiday … Lily was my best Christmas present ever last year!

Lola Adopted 12

Lola Adopted 13

Lola Adopted 14