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Today I was happy to finalize the adoption of Lizzie to her foster family, Ilana & Ethan Haas. Lizzie will reside in Centerville Ohio. She will now have a great furbrother Mr. Darcy. I have no doubt that Lizzie will be one spoiled and loved little girl!! Congrats to Ilana & Ethan and Mr. Darcy!!!!!

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** Updates 10/03/12**
I wanted to let you know Miss Lizzie Bennet is doing great :) Our whole family adores her and she is a perfect match to our crazy Mr.Darcy! They are going to daycare so they can burn some energy and Lizzie can get the socialization she needs. Once I'm better, I will start back on her obedience. We did accomplished "sit", "stay", "leave it" and "go to bed" before i got sick. My husband is trying to work on "down" now, but I don't see much progress there yet, lol.
That's it for now. I have to go back to resting... Just wanted to let you know what's going on ;)
Thank you, Ilana.